Tungsten carbide rings have several advantages those make it the first choice for wedding like special occasions. First of all, tungsten rings are known for their scratch resistive properties, which makes it highly enduring. Additionally, there is no fear of it getting oxidized as well. In fact, tungsten rings hold zero chance of color fading and all, even upon wearing it regularly. Above all, the men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands are preferred for assuring zero threats from threats of allergies.

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Easy maintenance and variety

Easy maintenance is one of the foremost reasons that men love tungsten carbide rings over others. The best part, these are quite affordable in comparison with others. One can find a huge variety of these products in terms of color. In fact, it can be claimed that the number of variety one can expect in this segment is very much equivalent to those of stainless steel. However, the black tungsten men rings are still the most preferred ones over others. Through the advent of advanced technologies, customization has become much easier with these product segments.

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Safety and convenience

Safety is one of the foremost advantages that make Tungsten carbide rings special. Most importantly, it is almost unbreakable. From wearing perspectives as well, it is quite effective and safe. In case of emergency, tungsten carbide is indeed easier in terms of removal. This can be stated as one of the reasons behind the greater popularity of men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands. 

It provides the flexibility and assurance for men that they can take it to any event and can combine with any wardrobe. In the case of tungsten rings, specifically while buying black tungsten men rings, it’s the quality and proportion that should be given greater prominence.

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The simplest thing that men should check is whether the balance between length and breadth, including thickness, is optimal. For perfect comfort keeping the regular usage in mind, the thickness of around 2 mm is considered the best. Those who prefer the heavier ones may go up to 2.5 mm. The thickness of rings greater than this is indeed not recommended from safety and longevity perspectives.  

Quality check: Distinguishing tungsten and tungsten Carbide

Men’s tungsten carbide wedding bands are indeed the favorite of many. However, it is true that most people don’t understand how to distinguish between tungsten rings and tungsten carbide rings. Anyway, the simple thing that one must understand in this context is that tungsten carbide rings are preferred being the perfect alloy combination.

Plain tungsten rings are qualitatively not so enriched. Tungsten carbide through perfect combination with metals like Titanium, Nickel, etc., add strength and endurance to these products. Moh scale rating of Tungsten Carbide is quite good, which in fact, comes post Diamond.

While buying these products, it is suggested to check whether the store provides scratch resistance certification to the user. This aspect should specifically be kept in mind while buying from online stores. Still, it is recommended that one should buy these products only through reputed online stores, specifically those offer warranties.     

No chance of any toxic reaction

One should not believe any kind of myth around tungsten carbide. These are the most enduring wedding band material at present. Moreover, there is no threat of any kind of toxicity even after prolonged usage. In fact, it is thoroughly water-resistive, which keeps the chances of any kind of toxic reaction at a bay. This can be seen as an additional safety feature, as well.