A Twitter Wall is an amazing tool to collect, curate and displays your twitter feed on live screen in any event. This is called social media aggregation and these tools are social aggregator tools which are very useful in creating amazing social walls for your events, meetings, conferences, weddings or website.

twitter wall

Are you planning an event such as a conference, an annual event, musical concert, product launch, store launch, etc.?

Why you must adopt the inclusion of a tweet wall and thereby a twitter wall display at your next grand event.

A Twitter wall with its byname tweet wall showcases tweets from audience attendees at your event and also by virtual followers who could not attend the event but are definitely loyal in tweeting about it even then.

Detour your brand event from a conventional one into a communal, interactive and reciprocated affair by allowing the brand followers and global audience post messages, responses, experiences, pictures, videos and more to your twitter wall. Connect with the event attendees and build a relationship with them. Event attendees post to your Twitter wall by means of the unique hashtag that you launch and promulgate.

Twitter feed wall is the ace social media interpretation at any event.

A tweet wall compiles and displays tweets that are crowd-sourced on a live twitter feed display in a dynamic and vivid manner which can be shown on sizable screens such as Jumbotrons. You may come to think of Twitter feed walls as a live conversation display that stirs the event guests to post messages, pictures, updates, and check-ins right as the action is taking place.

Twitter feed walls are an interactive element in any event. They’re an inventive way to bring about a positive online appearance of the brand in the social sphere and give event attendees and brand followers the opportunity to engage in posting to the brand’s social channel and also watch their content on the live Twitter feed wall.

Twitter walls stimulate prompt event guests to tweet about the brand event via the event hashtag. These tweets spread through the Twitter-sphere across the global audience thus generating exposure for the brand. This is unpaid marketing done right by your followers and users.

Bring life and energy to your event with real-time social media interaction on screens with captivating displays and user-generated content and stories.

How twitter wall or any other social wall can make your events successful

Exhibitions, trade shows and music festivals are great ways to connect with your customers, but, does your business have access to the digital solutions to make the same event a greater success and have a wide-reach? It’s important to target the right customer and have a wide-reaching impact on your event. Interactive selfie booths, branded campaigns, social media displays and more, your trade show, music festival and exhibition can be a greater success. My guide explaining the paybacks of a suitable social media display-

  1. Turn Your Social Media Signage Into A Video Display

Videos are the undisputed leader of content and they outplay textual content exceptionally. Videos are attention-grabbing, interactive and have a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind. Videos are known to induce ‘action’ and ‘change’ in the viewers. A social media display for trade shows and exhibitions that talks about investment options, retailing, product tutorials, informative videos, product and service info etc. can be highly impactful as compared to brochures and flyers containing sample static images and text.

You can display multiple social media signage to split the video into a big picture or install a single social media display. The sheer brilliance of videos on a big screen makes them apt for trade shows, exhibitions and fests and your audience can resonate and gain insightful details alongside thereby social media wall traffic and engagement.

  1. Incorporate Campaigning & Contest Into Your Social Wall

Organizing a contest, campaign or a game is a unique way to invite a rich number of social media feeds to be displayed on the social display. Contact a social media signage provider that can help you with custom layouts to make your social wall a visual treat at the trade show.

Campaigning and contests get the audience excited about social conversations and branded interaction. The audience can be an incentive for posting to social media by way of prizes and rewards. A trade show relevant campaign or a contest relevant to your exhibition, say education fair can organize a contest based on knowledge/education and thus be successful.

A hashtag can be introduced to the audience for inviting contest and campaign submissions to align the posts together.

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