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Pneumatic Vibrators

These pneumatics vibrators are utilised in various industrial applications mostly it used to move products which were done with the help of electric current. Some of the bulk products which are small will be moved and also which are lightweight.

 Also, it used to separate large particles to small and remove captured air after flowing, for example, metal and concrete because the bubbles may cause and reduced the product quality as well as strength —  sand and compacting soil for construction determinations and sand die-casting.

 The testing products need to remain resistant to vibrations and shock. These vibrators are found in phones, which are so small in doorbells and tattoo machines,  buzzers, sewing machines, engraving tools- in anything by a vibrating machine. These vibrators are classified into four categories that includes below.

Linear vibrators:

The linear vibrators have three series that meet every application requirement. It produces a translational motion which is similar to some sinusoidal oscillation.

Mostly this type of vibration comes due to some reciprocating movements that come from the self-reversing device. Piston motion, as well as generated vibration, will be depending on different vibrator series:

  • Series NTS: In this series, the piston motion will be free in the interior of the housing, and produce some additional acceleration height from starting point to the endpoint of some stroke which also produce the vibration with high-frequency at tiny amplitude.
  • Series NTK: This piston motion moves smoothly inside the housing. That additional weights can attach for an emerging piston, which supports to enhance the motion of each piston. The low-frequency of sinusoidal vibrations will be produced near high amplitudes.
  • Series NTP: This piston flows partially inside that housing, to produce an extra acceleration peak in one end from the stroke that is because of the result against each plate at some other point of a stroke. That motion produces high-frequency vibration near a variable amplitude.

Rotary Vibrators:

The Rotary Vibrators had different types they are  Roller Vibrators, Ball Vibrators, and Turbine Vibrators in different configurations to everything from:

  • Food as well as pharmaceutical production
  • Cleanroom installations
  • chemical production
  • Fluidization of solids under hoppers and storage bins.
  • Conveying, packing,
  • Concrete consolidation,
Pneumatic Vibrators


The Impactor vibrator is designed for the purpose of the flow of air materials that manage to bridge and compact under storage tanks and hoppers.

Some Impactor allows blows of large intensity and some low frequency that can adjust to blowing energy and the number of blows in a minute.You have one option that the Impactor vibrator can be installed in various positions. That should be dry and clean plant air that needed for operation. 

Internal Vibrators:

These vibrators are very stable due to the functions of its simplicity. The circular type of vibrator is produced by some eccentrical rotor, including any built-in lamella. The vibration power will adjust when the operation process is happening through air pressure.

These are some of the pneumatics vibrators that utilized. If you want you can buy that Festo India offers you high range of products at best deals.