Are you 22-25 years old and you have problems with erection loss for a long time? Maybe it is psychological since you may have lost your erection at the time of your first sexual intercourse? You are afraid of having sex and, it makes you feel discouraged? Can it be a physical problem? Is there a cure? How can you resolve it? These are some questions that you may face if you have erectile dysfunction. But, relax, it is a common issue among teens. And, you know what, it can happen in any stages. So, you are not alone. It can be treated. But, you need to know the exact reason at first.

What is it actually?

Erectile dysfunction is a problem that affects many men and, couples. It is characterized by the inability of the man to obtain or maintain an adequate erection until the termination of sex, causing significant suffering and problems in their relationships. The degree of dysfunction varies from minimal to severe and can reach men of different age groups. It is true that with the onset of Viagra (Sildenafil), the first pill launched for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, followed by others for the same purpose, many men have resumed their sexual life satisfactorily.

Common reason and solution

Among the organic causes of dysfunction are diabetes, cigarette smoking, arterial hypertension, vascular and hormonal problems, and anatomical changes of the penis, among others. But we know that 70% of the causes are psychological and emotional, especially in the young population. Some erectile losses can appear in adolescence, due to internal and external demands for a good sexual performance in the first sex – which is not always the case and is normal.

Expectations to satisfy and be approved by the girl, guilt related to certain aspects of sexuality and fear of rejection can generate insecurities in sex. From there the youngster can be anxious about new sexual encounters for fear of performance or failure. With the concern and attention focused on the functioning of the penis, new failures can occur or lead to rapid ejaculations.

This anxiety becomes an enemy of his erection, because it releases a great amount of adrenaline, preventing the relaxation of the muscles of the penis, dilation of the arteries and, the entrance of blood. Sexual therapy based on specific techniques can help you identify automatic conflicts and thoughts during sex, control anxiety, rescue self-confidence, and self-esteem. You can consult the same with a professional sexologist and ask for the Erectile Dysfunction treatment Bedminster. Also, seek a urologist for evaluation and rule out or treat a possible organic cause.

All ages: especially among teen

According to the experts, in younger men, from 18 years on, it is more common for the disease to be caused by psychological disorders such as depression, high stress, and low self-esteem. The doctors have pointed out a way to more easily identify whether the source of the problem is organic or psychogenic. It is common for a man to have an involuntary erection at night due to the accumulation of urine.

The treatment will be according to the origin of the erectile dysfunction. However, it is necessary to change old eating habits and do physical activity. In the organic case, the patient receives medications via oral, the best known is the pill Viagra. If the problem is more serious, it may be necessary to give injections to the penis. Only surgery can cure erectile dysfunction definitively. A penile prosthesis is placed and the man begins to have erection 100% of the time.