Tired of scanning through all the shows on your streaming service and not finding something that creates you wish to hit play. Perhaps it’s time to un-cut the twine and examine DIRECTV for a uniform lineup of channels filled with your favorite shows.

You can contact DirecTV customer service by dialing its 24/7 helpline number.

Choose from six different DIRECTV packages to fit your lifestyle like Select, Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Ultimate, Premier.

  • Select The entertainment you want. 155+ Channels
  • Entertainment Value-packed package. 160+ Channels
  • Choice The package that beats cable. 185+ Channels
  • Xtra Most popular package. 235+ Channels
  • Ultimate The movie-lovers package. 250+ Channels
  • Premier Top-of-the-line package. 330+ Channels


DIRECTV’s most economical option the SELECT Package. Features of the select package are high-quality programming. The select Package is eligible for premium channels like HBO for up to 3 months at no additional price. Included family-friendly offerings like the Disney Channel as well as sophisticated programming like A&E.

Watch TV Anywhere with the DIRECTV App

The DIRECTV app allows you to watch your favorite shows and channels on-the-go from just about any web-enabled device. That means you can use your phone and tablet to stream live TV and control your DVR from the palm of your hand.

These are features in a SELECT package that is DIRECTV apps for your phone & tablet, Content/channels/functionality varies, knowledge charges might apply, Watch On Demand programming, management settings on your DVR & TV, accessible programming varies supported package choice, Not accessible for all channels. Customary programming fees apply.


If you want just a little bit more from your package, DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT Package is the way to go. You will enjoy more sports channels. In this package, ESPN and ESPN2 are included.

Watch Live TV from Anywhere with the DIRECTV App

With the app from DIRECTV, you’ll be able to watch your favorite shows and channels on-the-go from just about any web-enabled device. Use your phone and tablet to stream live TV, or control the settings of your DVR from the palm of your hand. Either way, you’ll be able to watch shows when and where you want.

These features are included that is DIRECTV apps for your phone & tablet, You can watch on demands of programming & stream live TV and the control settings on your DVR & TV.


With over 185 channels and NFL, SUNDAY TICKET are available at no extra cost. DIRECTV CHOICE beats cable every time. You will enjoy more movies with channels like IFC and more leisure with offerings like the Travel Channel. Plus, you will get more sports from networks like NBC and FOX.

With choice package or on top of Subscription renews mechanically every season at then prevailing rate. Otherwise, you can call to cancel prior to the start of the season. You can select offer requesting. It allows for new approved residential customers only.

Watch Your Favorite Shows on Your Phone or Tablet

Watch your favorite shows and channels on-the-go from just about any web-enabled device with the app from DIRECTV. Get streaming TV, control settings on your DVR and TV, and watch on-demand programming everywhere with the DIRECTV app. Cut the cord and choose DIRECTV today.

These features are included in this package are DIRECTV apps for your phone & tablet, Watch on-demand programming & streaming TV, Control settings on your DVR & TV.


With better sports action from dedicated channels like NBA TV and quality movies from discerning outlets like Sundance TV. You’ll see why additional DIRECTV customers select the XTRA Package.

Discover the XTRA ALL INCLUDED Package Channel, Monthly fees included for HD DVR, DIRECTV’s most popular package, XTRA delivers more entertainment for the whole family.


With the Ultimate Package, you will get everything from indie darlings to the most recent blockbusters.

These features are included in ULTIMATE that are all-inclusive package channel, Monthly fees enclosed for HD DVR. The movie lover’s package, ULTIMATE options film-buff channels like IFC and Sundance TV, Movie networks like the entire Encore family of stations and The Movie Channel.


Nothing on the market super DIRECTV PREMIER Package.With premium channels available like HBO and SHOWTIME and sports packages like NFL Sunday tickets (in 2019 season available at no extra cost and it also included in CHOICE Package and above).

Compare DIRECTV Packages and Deals

With six packages to choose from and a myriad of add-ons, DIRECTV has the right possibility for you. Get countless exclusive content like NFL SUNDAY ticket. And get premium networks like HBO at no further price for 3 months with the chosen Package and higher than. And do not forget that you just will have it all with the PREMIER Package, that options over forty-five premium film channels and over thirty-five specialty sports networks.

Add the Channels that Entertain You the Most

With DIRECTV you’ll add-on all of the specialized programmings that you simply need. Add Latino programming with en ESPANOL, or supplement your package with the NFL SUNDAY ticket lineup. whether or not you are a soccer aficionado or a bilingual cosmopolitan, DIRECTV permits you to feature the programming you would like at a price that you simply will afford.

These features are Pro sports add-ons and International add-ons.


Despite a few disappointments, like the price hike in the middle of your two-year contract, we think DIRECTV is one of the favorite TV subscription services and it may be our favorite.

Customers require a focus on this Plan, Pricing, channels, Genie DVR, Availability.