The laws are put in place to protect people’s rights. They make sure that no one is treated unjustly and if they are then they can always go to court and demand their rights. Laws can be complex and confusing but it is important to have a basic understanding as it makes it easier to defend the rights.

The employment law makes sure that the employees are treated fairly and they get the reward they deserve for their hard work.  A variety of employer responsibilities and rights are covered by employment law.

Here are a few important things that you should know about the employment law in UK.

Unfair dismissal:

When the employees have completed two years of service they have the right to not get unfairly dismissed. It is their right to get a notice of dismissal and the notice should state a fair reason for the termination. If the reason is nor a solid one then the employment law solicitors Manchester can help in challenging the dismissal and get compensation for unfair dismissal.

Protection against discrimination:

UK employment law makes sure that all the employees feel safe in their workplace. The law protects the employees against discrimination on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, age, and race, disability, pregnancy, marital status, and maternity. The people deserve to be paid according to their skill and performance and they should be left behind because they do not belong to a certain religion or gender or race. UK law is pretty clear about compensation that the employees can get if they face discrimination in the workplace. Compensation for discrimination is largely based on financial loss.

In the case of whistleblowing:

If an employee comes across some illegal activity, it is their moral duty to report it. But reporting illegal activity can lead to dismissal. The UK law protects the employees that risk their employment to blow the whistle on the wrongdoings of the employees. They are doing a great service to the community by uncovering illegal activity. To appreciate their initiative the UK employment law protects them from detriment or dismissal. They also qualify them to claim uncapped compensation.

Corporate transactions:

The UK employment law has employment transfer legislation also known as TUPE and it is pretty complex. The employees that work in businesses that are sold or provide outsourced services automatically transfer with the business. The new purchaser is going to get the business and employers. The employees do not have to worry about getting dismissed as they are protected under the UK employment law. They are also protected from contractual changes. If the transfer legislation is breached then it can lead to substantial claims.

In the case of redundancies and restricting:

If twenty or more employees are dismissed as a part of redundancy or restructuring exercise then there is an obligation to consult on a collective basis. It is procedure given and there is no place for small errors as even the tiniest mistake can lead to liability and in the worst case scenario lead to criminal liability.