As mobile technology is progressing day by day, everyone needs mobile applications to lead their businesses effectively and effortlessly. There is an immense need for mobile application developers. With the emerging trend of android applications, android app developers are high in demand. People are either outsourcing android application development companies or freelance android app developers to fulfill their business needs.

There are different pros and cons of hiring the respective android application development sources. It entirely depends on the business requirement and client’s needs which option better suits them. There are many platforms where people can find registered freelance android app developers. Android app development companies also outsource their application development services. However, these services should not be availed before some thoughtful considerations. Prior to handing over the project to an android app development company or freelance app developer, your business requirements along with the expertise of developer need to be analyzed on the basis of the following knowledge.

  • Business idea identification
  • Expected Budget
  • Competency of freelance android app developer or android app development company
  • Portfolio or past experience of android app development company or freelance developer
  • Other clients’ reviews

Contacting freelance app developer or outsourcing app development teams has some advantages over in-house app development in the following ways

Cost Reduction

Hiring a freelance app developer is considerably cheaper as the factor of brand value is eliminated. On the other hand, it is justifiable to hire a freelance app developer if you need an android app to boost up your small-scale business.

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One-to-One Communication

Working with freelancers ensures that you are in contact with the very person who is developing your application. You can explain and clarify your doubts directly. Likewise, a developer will provide you precise and quality answers. There are not long routes of communication where information might get missed.


Freelancer is not bound to work on specified hours. He can work from anywhere he wants, all he needs a computer and Internet connection. This flexibility can be beneficial for a client as well.

Less Supervision

Since a freelance developer is an expert in his field, he does not need any supervision. This quality saves a lot of time. Therefore, while handling your project, you don’t need to worry about how he will be supervised.

More Innovative

An android app development company has some set of rules and policies of application development; which app developers do not allow to violate. Freelance app developers are open to adopting any app development procedure that brings innovation in their work. Therefore, hiring a freelance developer with such innovative experience can be beneficial to boost up your small business.

Future Availability

In case of hiring a freelance developer, there is always a room for amendments in your android application. You can contact your freelance developer anytime and request for the changes you want to apply.

These are some of the factors that help you to find and consider freelance app developers over in-house app development. Moreover, you can also assess these qualities before hiring a freelance app developer, if you have prior knowledge about freelance app developers. According to our web survey, there are many android app development companies and platforms that are providing freelance app developers.