Dubai is the top cosmopolitan city in the United Arab Emirates. The place is known for the beautifully designed architecture buildings, the wave of hospitality of the local people and the ethnic cultural background. The presence of luxurious hotels, the shopping malls and various exquisite locations has made the place one of the most favored destination for newlywed couples. The tour operators from across the countries are thus able to arrange a number of Dubai honeymoon packages throughout the year.

The level of economy in cost

The city of Dubai is one of the topmost cosmopolitans in the world and is flourished with continuous infusion of Petro Dollars. But, curiously, the level of costing there stays at most competitive level. The price one has to pay for staying or purchasing articles stays far below than that offered in other international cities. This is one of the prime reasons that people from India looking for International Holiday packages choose the cheap Dubai tour packages.  These packages are available with almost all operators in various metros and other cities. The lower level of costing has enabled them offering the customized packages to their clients.

Presence of Exquisite Hotels

Dubai is a place for international business. Such a place needs the presence of reputed hoteliers. The city has also in possession of hotels founded by the various internationally reputed groups. The charges are also maintained at the competitive level. The administration checks the hotel room quite frequently. The standard of foods offered is also checked at certain intervals. Therefore, the foods there are yummy. Most of these foods are vegetarian, but the expertise of experienced chefs has simply transformed them with deliciousness.

Gold purchase in Meena bazaar

The patrons of the tour advise their participants to keep one entire day for shop-hopping. This type of hopping will enable them to have an idea about the best prices offered for the commodities. Once it is known, they can straightway dive in for grabbing the items. In the market, the prices of electronic gadgets vary by around 20%.

The honeymoon couples from India would certainly look to purchase gold from the den of the Arabs. For them, the best consultation would be to visit Meena Bazaar over Gold Souk Market situated in Bur Deira. This is due to the fact that the prices offered there are highly operable and there would not be any scope for bargaining. The amount of purchase is restricted else a huge import duty will be required to pay while back to India.

Paying visit to Wild Wadi Water Park for experiencing Slipping and Sliding

The park is one of the topmost water park attractions of the city. The flagship of the park is the big water slide. The fiances take more encouragement in having these rides. It is sure to leave with an enchanting experience as the water used for sliding stays lukewarm. In midst of cool breeze, the sliding over tepid stream brings out rejuvenating experience.

The park also offers the visitors with boat tours both in downstream and the upstream as well.