Trending Backpack 2019

A backpack is generally defined as a cloth sack with two straps that go over the shoulders. Backpacks have many different names including, knapsack, rucksack, backpack.

The first backpack was invented in 1952 by Dick Kelty, however, the internal frame of a backpack was created by Greg Lowe in 1967.

Backpacks, although very old and common, are particularly becoming a big fashion trend in 2019. They were not always a big fashion trend before but in recent years they began to become famous as different fashion trends arrived with an emphasis on them.

Backpacks are used for various purposes. Backpacks can be used for school, for traveling, for hiking and many more things. These are some of the different bags around the world that are trending in 2019.


School Bags

School bags have come in many different styles, patterns, and colors. Before they used to be basic backpacks with simple colors and plain designs but now they have become a big trend because of their versatile style. There are many types of school bags which can be used for other occasions as well.

Messenger Bags

These can be used by students who carry lightweight books. This satchel-like bag is carried over one shoulder. This bag can also be used by cyclists and other sportsmen. Messenger bags were especially famous in the late 2000s, however, different variations of them are now being introduced in the fashion world.

Drawstring Bags

Drawstring bags are made with thick strings which are pulled back to close the bag. This is also a common bag which is used by students and other individuals who do not have to carry much of a load. Drawstring bags, because of their light material, come in many different colors and patterns. Some companies even offer customized drawstring bags.

Bucket Bag

A bucket bag is almost another type of drawstring bag. It has a flat bottom with longer handles. Just like a drawstring bag, it can only carry fewer items and lightweight books in it.

Tote Bag

A tote bag is a bag which is made out of strong materials like leather and canvas. This bag can carry any type of books along with school items like stationery and pouches. Similar to messenger bags, these were also a huge trend in the 2000s, however, are now making a comeback.

Travelling Backpacks

There are no specific bags that are designed only for travel, but, some bags have an extra feature that can come in handy when you go to places that involve a heavy carrier. Moreover, the recent development of backpacks has been introduced which are known as Anti-Theft Bags. These bags, as apparent from the name, are designed to avoid theft and robbery.

A further variety is available in these bags as well.

Anti-Theft Tote Bag

This is pretty similar to a tote bag, however, has increased zips and straps both inside and outside of it in order to prevent robbery.

Anti-Theft Mini Shoulder Bag

This bag has 3 large locking compartments and is also cut resistant. An anti-theft mini shoulder bag also has been designed with a lot of extra space and is definitely one of the fashion trending bags 2019.

USB Charging Anti-theft Bag

This backpack was a really famous backpack in the previous years. This backpack consists of many pockets. It also has small pockets included in the straps of the bag. Those pockets can fit money, cards or anything small and thin of a similar size. Best of all, this bag can also connect a USB and charge your phone no matter where you are. This bag is also cut resistant and is known as the safest bag for traveling.

Other Types of Bags Trending in 2019

There are also other types of backpacks other than the basic backpack.

The backpack, although extremely versatile and useful does tend to get boring for some people at one time. So, we have included some other types of bags that currently are and will be trending in 2019.

As time passes by, new types of bags are continuously being introduced to the fashion world. They come in different styles, patterns, and colors. In 2019, ladies are mostly using a fanny pack, shoulder bag, messenger bag, bowler bag, wristlet, clutch, saddle bag, fold-over bag, phone bag or a baguette bag. In short, ladies are now using small sized or medium sized bags. The following are all of the bags that are mostly being used in 2019 and will remain trendy for quite some time in the world of fashion.

Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs were created a long time ago, but the modern trend first started in the 1980s. They became popular again in the 90s for a brief period of time and then disappeared for a while. However, the end of 2018 and 2019 proved to be a big year for the fanny pack. Now, many celebrities use fanny packs of various designs and colours. Even some very high-end brands are producing fanny packs so they will be in the fashion trending backpacks of 2019.

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags can also be called sling bags, satchels or saddle bags. Although these bags can only carry some small items in them, they have not gone out of style for quite a while now. Just as so, 2019 will not be any different.

Bowler Bag

A bowler bag is a medium sized bag with small handles. This bag is carried on the elbows. It has a lot of space and can carry a lot of small sized items. The bowler bag was first introduced in 2005 and has since been on and off the market, however, 2019 will be a big year for them.


A wristlet is a small handbag with a strap to hold on your wrist. This is an extremely small bag that can only really be used to carry a phone or money. Wristlets will definitely be a fashion trending backpacks in 2019, especially in the summertime.