Eating healthy is about consuming foods that provide us with disease-resistance and health-preservation nutrients- such as vitamins A, C, and E, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants & mono-unsaturated fats. All of these nutrients significantly reduce the chance of heart disease, weight & cancer.

Major reasons reported by the people for not eating healthy are expensive food, unpleasant taste of the food, or unavailability of the food. However, in this modern era, online grocery has made availability of food very easy whereas vast and dynamic menus have made food totally customizable in regards to taste and for the last part improved standards of living has revolutionized the cost of food.

Now let us analyze the technicalities and groundbreaking facts that makes eating healthy very important.

1.      Body weight

From decades, it is a known fact that being overweight is the root for almost all the major health risks such as cancer, poor bone density, heart disease & diabetes mellitus.

Foods such as  Whole Eggs, Leafy Greens, Salmon, Cruciferous Vegetables, Lean Beef, and Chicken Breast, Boiled Potatoes, Tuna, Beans and Legumes are known to control the weight as well as are great for overall health.


2.      Diabetes management

Foods such as fatty fish, cinnamon, china seeds, turmeric, Greek yogurt, and nuts are very effective in managing blood glucose levels, keep cholesterol and blood pressure within the normal ranges, help lose weight and prevent further complications of diabetes.

In this age of modern and advance medicine, a healthy diet is considered the best counter against diabetes.

3.      Reduced risk of cancer

After smoking, obesity is the second biggest factor for cancer, and obesity is caused due to unhealthy & unmonitored diet.

According to the researchers, a fibrous diet is the best weapon against cancer. So developing a diet containing fibrous food can reduce the risk of cancer.

4.      Healthy skin

A healthy diet can be very beneficial for keeping skin glowing and youthful. An antioxidant such as vitamin C is a great component to promote healthy skin and can be obtained via sources such as papaya, oranges, sweet potatoes, strawberries, blueberries, broccoli, guava, and kiwi.

Multiple studies have shown that foods rich in carbohydrates and have high levels of the glycemic index can contribute to long term skin disease known as acne vulgaris.

5.      Better mood & a healthy social life

Mental health and a healthy diet are immensely related. Many studies have shown that diet containing fruits and vegetables can greatly affect your mood positively hence resulting in healthy and successful social life. This commonly is known as the food-mood connection.

6.      Extended life

By comparing ourselves to our ancestors, we must realize the fact that we have lost greater life expectancy while progressing towards the modern era. Why has life expectancy declined over the years? This question has a quite simple answer; we have been inclined to eat unhealthy and processed food instead of healthy food.

People who eat healthily tend to live longer and have a healthy life with a stronger immune system.

7.      Better sleep

In this era of restlessness, the majority of people feel restless and complain about not having a better night sleep. This condition can be due to multiple reasons such as medical conditions, Anxiety disorder, sleep disorders or post-traumatic stress.

Foods such as cheese and low-fat milk or foods containing calcium, protein, complex carbohydrates, amino acid & tryptophan can be great for better night sleep. The basic idea is that the brain should be able to make serotonin that contributes to the sleep process.

The Conclusion

A study has shown that unhealthy processed food can cost you $1.50 more than healthy food. So, it not about affordability it’s a matter of choice and that now you know important facts behind eating healthy hopefully making the right choice regarding your diet would be easy and let’s say affordable.