Dubai is a magnificent city which attracts millions of visitors every year. Dubai International Airport is the busiest airport due to international traffic. Most of the people approach the city of Dubai due to its skyline. Many of the tallest building of the world are located in Dubai; there are many airlines which operates Cheap Flights to Dubai. The city derives its economy from multiple resources from now onwards. Previously, it was deriving its economy from crude oil however the Government of Dubai took the initiative of diversifying different means of economic production. Today, Dubai is a multicultural society which has allowed immigrants from different countries of the world to live and enjoy life in Dubai. There is a question which has been highlighting from the public readers that why you should visit Dubai? We are going to highlight some of the reasons for working.

For Gaining Experience

For Gaining Outstanding, amount of experience, people like to visit Dubai. There are different categories of people who like to gain a different kind of expertise. Students go the Dubai for studying in the best universities and colleges of the world. Most of the foreign universities are also located in Dubai which attracts many of the international students. Job applicants want to get hired for the best international jobs. Business people want to do the investment and many other people want to marry. These trends and ideas are very popular among people.

There have been many older places in Dubai. You can go to the Dubai Museum and see ancient artifacts. You also go to the museum. It will increase your knowledge. See the older items which were used by the people of Emirates some years ago. You will also be given access to Al-Fahidi Fort. It contains some of the artifacts.

You can go to Bastakiya. It is an older neighborhood of Dubai. It contains several art galleries which contain works of ancient artists. There are also some shops which are located here in this old town. You can also buy items from them. What attraction takes many people to Dubai is the tallest building named Burj Khalifa. People from different countries especially come to visit Burj Khalifa. Several people buy the tickets for going to the observation deck. You can see the whole of Dubai till the shores of Iran. There is also a long queue of the people who are standing for the tickets.

Services Of PIA

Many of the passengers travel to Dubai usingĀ PIA. These flights are mostly direct. You have the two types of options for the traveling classes. You can either book Economy and Business class. You can travel to Dubai in the minimum amount of time.

Services Of Air Blue

Air Blue also operates direct flights to Dubai from Pakistan. Many of the popular passengers also choose Air Blue for traveling to Dubai. They also like to select Air Blue for going to Dubai. The airline also offers excellent facilities.


If we do a comparison of PIA and Air Blue, then PIA will be better for going to Dubai.